• We would like to recommend Bernie van de Boogaard to anyone who is looking to buy a retail liquor store or start one from scratch and doesn't have the courage to do either one.

    My husband & I were in the market for a life style change & thought a liquor store would be a good business to own primarily because it is more recession proof than the previous businesses we have owned for the past 15 years.

    We started our search with a non-commercial realtor looking for a small liquor store that wouldn't deplete our life savings. After several weeks of frustration not only with our realtor but with our search in general, we met Bernie. Bernie helped us to see that purchasing a small liquor store was just buying ourselves a job, not a future. He encouraged us to step out of our financial comfort zone and look at larger and more profitable liquor stores. What makes Bernie so trustworthy is his own experience owning a successful liquor store and his ability to help you envision your success in the same way he has. His knowledge of the industry is commendable. His willingness to provide financial proof that it can work is compelling. Most of all, Bernie is honest and straight forward. Never once did we feel like he was pressuring us. The decision was always ours, but his expertise in the industry gave us the comfort we needed to make this decision. He responded to our concerns with honesty and sympathy. Clearly he had been in our shoes. Any information we needed to help us make our decision he provided right away.

    Go the extra mile? Bernie will do that. He encouraged us to purchase the same POS system he has in his own liquor store in order to be more successful. He stood by our side before, during, and after the sale to ensure our transition went smoothly, which it did. Bernie is a guy you can trust. Even on things that you don't agree, he will tell you what you need to do to be successful. We never once felt like he had a personal agenda. He even let us train in advance on our new POS system at his liquor store. There are not many people like Bernie. You've heard the realtor jokes. They don't apply to him.

    I would encourage anyone to call us for a recommendation about Bernie. We are 3 weeks into our liquor store and already amazed at the potential we see. And best of all, we know we can still call Bernie if and when we need him. He made that clear from the start. Great guy. You're in good hands!
    Name: Melissa and Mike Bir

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